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SWATCH: Dark Grey– Essence The Gel Nail Polish


This is a beautiful Metallic Grey with 2 coats 😃
One of my favourite when it comes to Grey..



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Tangled Inspired Nail Art Tutorial



Here is full tutorial for this mani, I made it in two parts.

1st tutorial is inspired by Rapunzel Dress and 2nd tutorial is inspired by her Braid 🙂


Hope you like it:)

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Cute Penguin Nail Design


Hello everyone,

Have a look on my cute Penguin nail design and snowflakes 🙂

Full tutorial :

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Decorated Splatter Nail Art

There are many techniques to do this splatter nail art. I used brush technique. You can see my video and create on your nails. Its easy to do.

I used four colors for splatter on the base color. We can use more.

Here is the final result.


And I decorated my splatter nails like this


Here is the full video link

Hope you like it!


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Happy Republic Day

On this Republic day think your past,
And try to make and built better future for all of us,
This is a duty of all of us and all Indians,
Be proud to be Indian,
Happy Republic Day 2017


Jai Hind!


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Ombre Leopard Nail Art

Here is one more animal print nail art with Ombre effect. I did one earlier with red and pink color but this time I did Ombre effect with chocolate color and I made full video for that. So everyone can see this video and try at home. I used brush for this mani.



Its a free hand nail art. So here is the video for this manicure.


Hope you like it!


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Purple Tiger Nail Art

Hello everyone, I know most of us like animal print nail art. I did animal print nail art with some twist 🙂

I used purple color for tiger nail art, its strange but looking cool. Here is the look for you 🙂


So many ways to do tiger print nail art, I used stencil which I buy online long time ago. We can use brush for making these black lines.

And yes you can see purple is looking awesome in tiger animal nail art.

Here is full video for this nail art.


Hope you all like it!



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Snowflakes Sticker Nail Art

Happy Winters everyone!

I got some snowflakes stickers from dollar store. These were so amazing. I like white and golden snowflakes sticker.

Have a look on this winter blue and white Ombre nail art.


Here I did Ombre for this white snowflakes and over that I apply my star glitter nail polish, which works great for overall look 🙂

Here is the second look with dark color.


For this golden snowflakes I use this beautiful green nail art. This green color is trendy for this season.

Hope you liked it!


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Blue Green Marble effect Manicure


As you can see in this pic and as the name says its a marble effect manicure. So there are many ways to create a look. Always I try different ways to show you the final result also I will tell you which is the best and easy way to get this kind of look.


Apply transparent base coat then one of the light color among all which you have chosen for this manicure.

First Technique- Place a few drops of all the colors on stamper, and dab it on the nail.

Here I want to tell you about another way to achieve this look. And that is a with a plastic wrap.

Second Technique- So place few drops of all the colors on the nails. Then dab it with plastic wrap.


You will get a messy result. Then clear all the sides. and seal your design with top coat.

Also you can apply some studs like I placed 🙂

Here is the final outcome.


Also I want to share a video for this nail art created by me..

Hope you like it!

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Big Small Dotted design


This is the look we are going  to achieve today. As you can see I used four blue shades with white color.

Start with paint sky blue color on all the fingers followed by base coat, how can we neglect that 😉

Then start making random dots with other two blue and white, just leave darkest blue.

Now take darkest blue make dotted outline on white and light blue color. here we have to leave other blue color dot. They don’t have outline.

To finish this design make few small dots with all colors as shown in the pic.

Seal your design with top coat.

Here I also have video for this design.

Hope You liked it!