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Beauty Bigbang| Silicone Head Clear Jelly Stamper Review & Demo


Review for Silicone Head Clear Jelly Stamper with Scraper from BeautyBigbang
Product ID: J2915TM
🌀Its a Silicon Head Clear Jelly Stamper
🌀Its a very big stamper so good for big images
🌀It comes with a useful cap that will protect the stamper head
🌀perfect stamper, I highly Recommended this
🌀use ISH10 for 10% off 🙂
Direct Link:




Full Tutorial:

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|Beauty Bigbang| Review for Water Decals


Product ID: SKU:B5502
Direct link:…/nagel-sticker-tattoo-nail-a…

High quality water decals & easy to apply.
I highly recommended this water decals & its affordable too.
Use ISH10 for 10% off

Full Tutorial:

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Mulan Movie Inspired Nail Art




Hope you like it!

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Cute Cupcake Nail Art


This I did for Sweet Treats Collab on instragram 🙂


Have a closeup look on my cute cupcake nail art:)

Its  a free hand nail art, watch full video :

Enjoy watching!

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Leaves Nail Art | Autumn Nail Art


I am very much inspired by BEV @thehumblebear on Instagram. So I recreated one of her manicure to give her a surprise on her birthday 🙂

Product I used:-
* Base coat from Poshe fast drying
* Top coat from Seche Vite dry fast
* Pink, Orange, Yellow OPI product
* Black Acrylic paint
* Thin brushes
* Nail Polish Removal Pen

Full Tutorial:

Enjoy watching 🙂

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Decorated Splatter Nail Art

There are many techniques to do this splatter nail art. I used brush technique. You can see my video and create on your nails. Its easy to do.

I used four colors for splatter on the base color. We can use more.

Here is the final result.


And I decorated my splatter nails like this


Here is the full video link

Hope you like it!


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Flower Stick Nail Design

Lets start with a floral nail art. To achieve this design I apply white color on my nails yes after base coat, then I cut small pieces of flowers from flower stick.


These flowers I paste on my nails with a top coat and yes its necessary to apply top coat on top of this design.


As i mentioned earlier that I like mix and match nails more so for this I apply glitter light purple color on my first, small finger and my thumb before applying flowers 🙂


This picture i take with other picture mode and yes it is looking nice.


This is the final look with top coat.


I hope you like it!

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Stamping nail art with 4 designs (1)

Here are some ideas for stamping nail art. I have some stamping plate and I always playing with them. Since when I started doing nail art no one like my nails without nail art even i don’t 🙂

Short nails looks good with stamping. In this you can use more than one color.


I did both ways like sometime light color on dark and sometime dark on light.

Here you can see both the ways.


On white I use three colors in one time. looks like ombre nails.


For this silver stamp, you will need a good silver nail color. Otherwise stamp will not seen.


And this is one of my favorite because this mehroon stamp looks like velvet stickers on the nails.

I hope you enjoyed!

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Ombre Nails with Fan Brush

Everyone said its attractive. I said yes attractive and easy nail art. I want to make nail art like anyone can do nail art 🙂

Once you see this you will think that its a ombre nails with sponge but this ombre not with sponge its with fan brush.


The very first time I used fan brush and I feels that its not difficult at all.


This is way to use fan brush. Dark and light color both on the brush half half.

To make this ombre nails more attractive I decorate this with nail accessories as you can see in the pic.


Hope you enjoyed!

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Two designs using french stencil tape

Hello, As you know I am obsessed with nail art. I always keep trying new designs and ideas. While trying sometime design comes out good but sometime bad 😦

But I do not care because I believe that always keep trying to get good outcome 🙂

Here I am with two designs using two colors and  french stencil tape.


I used same base color in both the designs. with two different colors.


Apply base color first then after drying place two french stencil tape after gap and paint your nail with blue color.

For the next design I change the direction of  french stencil tape then paint my nails with pink color.


This design actually looks like waves and its nice.