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Stamping PlateStamping Polish

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Full Tutorial:

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MOANA Nail Design

moana logo 3IMG_6639moana

For this manicure I have created Moana logo on ombre base and some floral design.

Full tutorial:

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Happy Republic Day

On this Republic day think your past,
And try to make and built better future for all of us,
This is a duty of all of us and all Indians,
Be proud to be Indian,
Happy Republic Day 2017


Jai Hind!


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Easy Floral Nail Art | Red Rose

To draw red rose is not an easy task and to make it with nail colours on nails its really difficult. But not impossible. Here I will show you the easy technique step by step.


This is the look we are going to achieve 🙂


After apply base colour, First step is just to make few random big dots and dots no need to be perfect.


Now its time to make some leaves to each flower. I create this with brush but we can also do with toothpick.


With the help of this pic I want to show the technique to make flower. First take red colour on brush or on toothpick and make outlines on dots. Please notice outlines have gap in between.

After this step start making inner lines, around two to three inner lines. Then make some small red and golden dots near roses.

Here is the video link for this tutorial.  🙂

Hope you like it!

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Flower Stick Nail Design

Lets start with a floral nail art. To achieve this design I apply white color on my nails yes after base coat, then I cut small pieces of flowers from flower stick.


These flowers I paste on my nails with a top coat and yes its necessary to apply top coat on top of this design.


As i mentioned earlier that I like mix and match nails more so for this I apply glitter light purple color on my first, small finger and my thumb before applying flowers 🙂


This picture i take with other picture mode and yes it is looking nice.


This is the final look with top coat.


I hope you like it!

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Stamping nail art with 4 designs (1)

Here are some ideas for stamping nail art. I have some stamping plate and I always playing with them. Since when I started doing nail art no one like my nails without nail art even i don’t 🙂

Short nails looks good with stamping. In this you can use more than one color.


I did both ways like sometime light color on dark and sometime dark on light.

Here you can see both the ways.


On white I use three colors in one time. looks like ombre nails.


For this silver stamp, you will need a good silver nail color. Otherwise stamp will not seen.


And this is one of my favorite because this mehroon stamp looks like velvet stickers on the nails.

I hope you enjoyed!

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Nail Tip Flower Design

Hello everyone, Today I am painting my nail tip with some flower. I found it interesting. For this design you will need three nail paints and dotting tool or toothpick. Here I am using lemon shade for tip and making a dotted black flower with pink in the center.You can take whatever color you want. 🙂


After applying base coat color you tip with lemon color.

Then make five dots as a flower below the lemon color. I made two flower on each of my nails.

Now make a pink dot between every flower.

And see your easy cute and pretty design is ready.

After creating this design I was very happy. I love this one.


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Black and White Nails

Hello Friends, I paint my nails with white and black color. So this is the time for black and white mix match nail design. For this deign you will need White, Black nail polish, striping tape, dotting tool and french stencil nail art tape. We are going to get this look.


  1. Lets start! Clean your nails, apply black color on your ring finger and thumb, white color on rest of the fingers.
  2. After drying take small size dotting tool and make small dots on your small finger.
  3. Then make white big dots on your ring finger,  after semi drying make small black dote on white dots.
  4. Now apply five striping tape on middle finger, and paint black color on it then remove tape carefully.
  5. For your index finger apply two french stencil nail art tape and paint black on it then carefully remove the tape.


This is how your nails will look. I love them as mix match design with just two colors. And these all are easy to achieve.

After doing all the fingers I was thinking to what to do on my thumb then i made a flower which is easy to get with the help of dotting tool or toothpick.


6. For your thumb make five big white dots like a flower shape then from end of the every dot pull towards center and your flower is ready.

I hope my blog is helpful for you and you like my designs.

Thanks to all. Will be back soon with a new design.

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Summer Nail Art: Multicolored Flower Nails

Hi everyone, here is one more tutorial for you. This design is easy to get. Its a Multicolored Flower Nail Art. Make sure you gather up everything before you start. So here is what you need for this nail art. You will need white, pink, green nail polish and dotting tool or toothpick. And yes you can change nail polish color according to your choice or your dress.


  1. Clean your nails and apply transparent base coat to protect your nails.
  2. Now apply white color on both of your middle fingers, pink color on your first finger and green color on your small finger and on your thumb.
  3. After drying all your nails make five dots like a flower with second color and a center dot with third color.
  4. You can make more than one flower on a finger.
  5. At the end apply top coat to protect your work.