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5 Easy French Tip Nail Designs Tutorial



Full Tutorial:

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2 EASY Designs using Dotting Tool | Beginner’s Guide

Let me show you the amazing base for my multicolored dotted design 🙂


isn’t it looking super shiny 🙂

So I decided to do multicolours dotted design on this base. Have a look on the outcome


Now its time to show you my another dotted nail art, In this I have used green and pink colours.


Full Tutorial:

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Layered Dotted Nails | Blendable Nail Paint


“Layered dotted manicure” This technique is incredible easy do to. We just need patience for let it dry in between the layers. That is the reason it will take more time to complete and I also made a video for this manicure with lots of patience 🙂

Step 1: start off with one coat of basecoat to protect your nails.

Step 2: paint one layer of blendable nail paint.

Step 3: now start making some dots. After drying apply one more layer of blendable nail paint.

Step 4: now repeat step 3 🙂

Here is video link for this tutorial :

That’s it for this post.

Thank you!


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Nail Art with things at home: Dental Floss

Today’s nail art idea with that things which most of us are having at home. I am trying to do more nail art with things at home. Here I am using dental floss and I am going to create Quilted Nail design with matte effect. Dental floss pic is shown below.


After apply base coat apply two coats of any dark color nail polish, then apply transparent matte nail polish.

Let it be semi dry then take dental floss and start making diagonal line, after few mins make dots on the every cross as shown in the picture below. Always finish your design with top coat.


One more pic with different angle.


I hope you liked it!

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Halloween Nail Art Video 3

Actually this Nail Art was a challenge by one of my friend so I accepted and here is the result. Sometimes challenges are good, anyways our life gives us challenges on every steps just accept them with open hands ❤



One thing makes Halloween nail art easy that no need of perfection. As I did blood stain that could be in any form. and same with others.

To achieve this look we need dotting tool to make big circle and other dots. and a brush to makes lines.

click the play button and enjoy this nail art.

Hope you liked it!

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Matte Quilted Nail Art

Hi everyone, I did quilted nail art. This design always looks good with dark color and matte effect. As I used matte effect on both the middle finger so I give glitter effect on both of side fingers.


To make lines we need dental floss and gently press to achieve the look. Before start making lines make sure your matte effect nail polish are semi dry then is work best.

Hope you enjoyed!


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Halloween nail art Video 1

Hello everyone, I am so excited to share with you that I uploaded my very first nail art video on my you tube channel witch I created for you all.

See my video and show some love.

I will see you soon with another video. Hope you like it!

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Halloween nail art part 1

I am back with Halloween nail art. This time I did two designs and yes I am trying to do more. Also I am planing to start with videos very soon working on that too. Hope for the best.


I like the way how  it turns out. Mix and match designs always looks good. Here black and white dots completed my look 🙂


Below I have one more design.


Hope you enjoyed!

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Easy Lace Design for Nails

Hi, I did this easy nail art lace design for you. For this just you need one dark and one light shade with your dotting tool.

Here I have Purple and White nail color. Instead of these colors you can go for matching with your dress. and if you apply golden in this then it will go with maximum of your dresses.


Firstly apply transparent base coat then apply purple color. Let it dry.

Now take white color and paint it diagonally on each of your nail. Let it dry.


This is the time to take your dotting tool and show your creativity. 🙂

Take white color on your dotting tool, and make white dots on the line. Like shown in this pic below.


This is the time to change the color on dotting tool.

Take purple color on dotting tool and make small dots on the white dots.


And seal your design with a good top coat.

I hope you like this design. I’ll be back with another nail art tutorial 🙂

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Nail Tip Flower Design

Hello everyone, Today I am painting my nail tip with some flower. I found it interesting. For this design you will need three nail paints and dotting tool or toothpick. Here I am using lemon shade for tip and making a dotted black flower with pink in the center.You can take whatever color you want. 🙂


After applying base coat color you tip with lemon color.

Then make five dots as a flower below the lemon color. I made two flower on each of my nails.

Now make a pink dot between every flower.

And see your easy cute and pretty design is ready.

After creating this design I was very happy. I love this one.