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Beauty Bigbang| Holographic Glitter Nail Polish and 3D Dried Flower – Review and Demo

First Product:  Holographic Glitter Nail Polish from BeautyBigbang


🔹Its high quality Holographic Nail Polish.
🔹Its a long lasting polish.
🔹also its affordable.
Product ID: J2881
Direct link: Holographic Nail Polish

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Second Product:  3D Dried Flower for Nails from BeautyBigbang


🔹These flowers are very cute and easy to apply.
🔹comes in 12 different colours.
🔹also its affordable.
Product ID: J2475
Direct link: 3D Dried Flower for Nails

Discount code for 10% : ISH10

Full Tutorial:

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Fairies Nail Design using AliExpress XY-J09

123423453456I created gradient base for ring finger using purple, blue, yellow and white on a makeup sponge.

Have a look on full tutorial:

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MOANA Nail Design

moana logo 3IMG_6639moana

For this manicure I have created Moana logo on ombre base and some floral design.

Full tutorial:

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Brave Nail Art


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Happy Republic Day

On this Republic day think your past,
And try to make and built better future for all of us,
This is a duty of all of us and all Indians,
Be proud to be Indian,
Happy Republic Day 2017


Jai Hind!


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Snowflakes Sticker Nail Art

Happy Winters everyone!

I got some snowflakes stickers from dollar store. These were so amazing. I like white and golden snowflakes sticker.

Have a look on this winter blue and white Ombre nail art.


Here I did Ombre for this white snowflakes and over that I apply my star glitter nail polish, which works great for overall look 🙂

Here is the second look with dark color.


For this golden snowflakes I use this beautiful green nail art. This green color is trendy for this season.

Hope you liked it!


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Blue Green Marble effect Manicure


As you can see in this pic and as the name says its a marble effect manicure. So there are many ways to create a look. Always I try different ways to show you the final result also I will tell you which is the best and easy way to get this kind of look.


Apply transparent base coat then one of the light color among all which you have chosen for this manicure.

First Technique- Place a few drops of all the colors on stamper, and dab it on the nail.

Here I want to tell you about another way to achieve this look. And that is a with a plastic wrap.

Second Technique- So place few drops of all the colors on the nails. Then dab it with plastic wrap.


You will get a messy result. Then clear all the sides. and seal your design with top coat.

Also you can apply some studs like I placed 🙂

Here is the final outcome.


Also I want to share a video for this nail art created by me..

Hope you like it!

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Two Trendy Dotted Nail Designs

I always love to design my nails. I want to create some own designs but at the same time i like to create that design which I see and like. Always love to play with colors. One point is very important here that if you paint your nails often then your have to take care of your nails.

Today I am not giving any tip for your nail care but soon I will try to do that. Today I wanna two designs with you. First one I did when we went for a cruise trip. So I use Sea green color with black and white dots.


I hope you like it. I want to tell you to do this an easy way. paint your nails with green color after drying paint tip of your nails with black color then after drying make some white dots on black part. And at the end to hide the partition make a thin line with any glitter nail paint. Now apply top coat to secure your hard work. 🙂

Now I am coming on my second design. Paint your nails with light purple color. After drying make a triangle with yellow color on your tip of the nails. Then Make some dots on the partition with dark purple color. And secure your nails with top coat.


I hope you love my work. Thanks to everyone.

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Summer Nail Art: Multicolored Flower Nails

Hi everyone, here is one more tutorial for you. This design is easy to get. Its a Multicolored Flower Nail Art. Make sure you gather up everything before you start. So here is what you need for this nail art. You will need white, pink, green nail polish and dotting tool or toothpick. And yes you can change nail polish color according to your choice or your dress.


  1. Clean your nails and apply transparent base coat to protect your nails.
  2. Now apply white color on both of your middle fingers, pink color on your first finger and green color on your small finger and on your thumb.
  3. After drying all your nails make five dots like a flower with second color and a center dot with third color.
  4. You can make more than one flower on a finger.
  5. At the end apply top coat to protect your work.


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Summer Nail Art: Ombre Triangle Nails

Hi guys, it’s time for another tutorial. The design is easy to achieve. I know you have seen so many Ombre nails pics. So here we are doing Ombre Nails. For this nail art you will need White, pink, yellow, green nail polish. A makeup sponge, tape and nails sticker which is totally optional. Let’s get started.


  1. Clean off all your nails and apply base coat.
  2. Apply two coat of white nail polish and let it dry completely.
  3. Now cut normal tape and apply them on your two nails in triangle shape. Like shown in the pic.


4. Now take makeup sponge and paint three colors side by side, i went with pink then green then yellow. All three i am using in neon.

5. Immediately apply the sponge on your nails. You may need to apply more polish to the sponge and repeat the rolling process.


6. now carefully pull off the pieces of tape.


7. I love some solid nails in neon so i apply neon shades on rest of my nails.

8. and in last I apply nail sticker on triangle then top coat. now you are done 🙂