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Blue Green Marble effect Manicure


As you can see in this pic and as the name says its a marble effect manicure. So there are many ways to create a look. Always I try different ways to show you the final result also I will tell you which is the best and easy way to get this kind of look.


Apply transparent base coat then one of the light color among all which you have chosen for this manicure.

First Technique- Place a few drops of all the colors on stamper, and dab it on the nail.

Here I want to tell you about another way to achieve this look. And that is a with a plastic wrap.

Second Technique- So place few drops of all the colors on the nails. Then dab it with plastic wrap.


You will get a messy result. Then clear all the sides. and seal your design with top coat.

Also you can apply some studs like I placed 🙂

Here is the final outcome.


Also I want to share a video for this nail art created by me..

Hope you like it!


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