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Two Halloween nail art designs using things at home

These days on social network I saw so many makeup, nail art and costume ideas for Halloween. As I have already posted my halloween nail art. But here I am telling you about two designs which you can easily create for halloween with toothpick.

One is skull nail art design using white and black color.

Second is blood stain nail art design using white and red color.


  1. Apply top coating followed by white color.
  2. Now take toothpick dip into black color and make two big dots for eyes then a triangle nose.
  3. Make small black area on both the corner as shown in the pic and connect them with a black line, On this line make 3, 4 horizontal lines.

Our skull is ready.


5. Now take red color on another toothpick and make 2, 3 random dots around middle of your nail, take them downwards.

6. Then connect them at the bottom.

7. Finish it by making few small random dots around big stain.


Full video is here-

Hope you enjoyed!

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