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Easy Lace Design for Nails

Hi, I did this easy nail art lace design for you. For this just you need one dark and one light shade with your dotting tool.

Here I have Purple and White nail color. Instead of these colors you can go for matching with your dress. and if you apply golden in this then it will go with maximum of your dresses.


Firstly apply transparent base coat then apply purple color. Let it dry.

Now take white color and paint it diagonally on each of your nail. Let it dry.


This is the time to take your dotting tool and show your creativity. 🙂

Take white color on your dotting tool, and make white dots on the line. Like shown in this pic below.


This is the time to change the color on dotting tool.

Take purple color on dotting tool and make small dots on the white dots.


And seal your design with a good top coat.

I hope you like this design. I’ll be back with another nail art tutorial 🙂


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