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Animal Nail Art Tutorial 1

Hi everyone, sorry for delay. Today I want to do a tutorial on animal nail art design. I know this is very common but at the same time this looks very nice. And here I am not using similar to animal color. I am using red, pink, black and dotting or toothpick.

First apply two coats of red color on your index finger, small finger and thumb. Then apply pink color on your middle and ring finger. Now let it dry completely.


Then apply opposites dots, means red dots on pink and pink dots on red. Dots doesn’t need to be perfect. Now take toothpick or dotting tool to make black outline over those dots. Also outline doesn’t need to be so perfect. At the end make some random black dots on every nails like shown in above pic. Now save your design with transparent top coat.

As everything doesn’t need to be so perfect that is why this design is so easy and everyone can do so.. 🙂



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