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Two Trendy Dotted Nail Designs

I always love to design my nails. I want to create some own designs but at the same time i like to create that design which I see and like. Always love to play with colors. One point is very important here that if you paint your nails often then your have to take care of your nails.

Today I am not giving any tip for your nail care but soon I will try to do that. Today I wanna two designs with you. First one I did when we went for a cruise trip. So I use Sea green color with black and white dots.


I hope you like it. I want to tell you to do this an easy way. paint your nails with green color after drying paint tip of your nails with black color then after drying make some white dots on black part. And at the end to hide the partition make a thin line with any glitter nail paint. Now apply top coat to secure your hard work. 🙂

Now I am coming on my second design. Paint your nails with light purple color. After drying make a triangle with yellow color on your tip of the nails. Then Make some dots on the partition with dark purple color. And secure your nails with top coat.


I hope you love my work. Thanks to everyone.


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