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Trendy Tape Manicure 1

Hi everyone, I am back with a trendy nail art design. This is the time for a new tape manicure which is easy to achieve. For this design you will need white nail polish, two more colors here I am taking blue and pink and striping tape. We are going to achieve this look as shown in the picture below.


  1. First apply transparent base coat then two coats of white nail polish and let it dry completely.
  2. Now cut striping tape and apply four tapes on both of your middle fingers. like shown in the pic below.


3. Now where is the more gap in between, paint it with pink nail polish and  on rest of nail apply blue nail polish.

4. Then carefully remove tape and clean the mess.


5. I gave little different effect on my rest of the fingers. But its up to you how you want your nails.

6. At the end apply top coat and you are done 🙂



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