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Party Nail Art 1

Hi everyone, take some time to design your nails before going for the party. Here I am with party nail art tutorial and its take less time to get. For this you will need one light and one dark nail paint, dotting tool and french stencil nail art tape.

Today we are going to create this look and this is one of my favorite design 🙂


  1. Clean off your nails and apply fast dry base coat.
  2. apply two coat of light nail paint, here i am using nude shimmer nail paint, now let it dry completely.
  3. After drying your light nail paint apply french stencil nail art tape on all of your nails as shown in the picture given below.


4. Now paint your nail tip with any dark color, here I am using dark purple color.


5.  After paint all the nails carefully pull off all the pieces of tape.

6. Clean the mess around your nails

7. Now take dotting tools and make some dots below the dark color and apply top coat.



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